Intuitive, powerful and effective software to underpin your operational and quality processes

Giving the necessary visibility against quality performance and compliance and helping you improve your business.

Supporting care providers with:

  • Management of workforce training and compliance
  • Effective risk management
  • Management and reporting of incidents
  • Document management
  • Business process management
  • Business-wide audit management
  • Action and improvement plans

As a care provider, you face many complex operational and regulatory challenges including:

  • An ever-changing regulatory environment (CQC, Ofsted, CCSIW and more)
  • Prioritisation of organisational objectives
  • Visibility of performance
  • Management of incidents and risks
  • Competency and compliance of staff
  • Policy management
  • Translating policy into working practice
  • Creation and implementation of improvement plans

We make it simple.

Radar Healthcare underpins your operational processes to provide you with the necessary performance and compliance information in order to facilitate quality improvement.

Radar Software Dashboard Preview

How does our CQC compliance and audit software help?

The integrated and personalised functionality of Radar Healthcare offers health and social care the necessary visibility, accountability and governance required to monitor both internal and external regulatory standards in real-time, helping you to ensure a culture of continued quality improvement across your service portfolio.

  • Self-regulation of internal and regulatory compliance
  • Automated approach to standardised best practice service delivery
  • Ability to evidence service excellence and continuous improvement
  • Real time visibility of quality and compliance status
  • Digitisation of manual processes to deliver operational efficiencies

Delivering improved business outcomes

Evidencing continuous improvement

Evidencing continuous monitoring of compliance against regulatory and internal standards helps you easily demonstrate your quality of care to the CQC and other regulatory bodies. Involving your internal and external stakeholders throughout the quality improvement process, ensures that you deliver a comprehensive approach to compliance that can help you prepare for CQC inspections and continued improvements to your business.

Learning and improving

Bringing together many personalised, operational and often complex regulatory processes in one comprehensive platform together with action plans and risk management at its core, Radar Healthcare helps you focus on recognising areas of good practice and required improvements, simplifying, automating and governing an organisation's quality assurance framework.

Designed for the needs of our health and social care customers

Ensuring Radar Healthcare remains at the forefront of transformative technology for the benefit of health and social care providers is one of our key priorities, which is why we continuously engage with our clients and leading healthcare partners in the development of our software.

How Radar Helps

Ensure effective risk management with personalised risk registers and integrated action plans

Corporate risk registers and action plans ensure organisational risk and service improvements are managed efficiently with prioritisation and full audit trail of improvements and corrective measures. The fully configurable risk scoring ensures consistency and reduction in discretionary scoring.

Manage all types of incident and event types easily ensuring corrective action and learnings

The automated workflow and alert system for each incident or event type ensures that there is a consistent approach to reporting, recording and managing incidents. Tailored to all event types from adverse events, accidents, complaints, concerns and compliments ensuring full compliance with your business operating procedures and regulatory requirements. The fully personalised workflows incorporate configured templates to help you perform effective investigations, root cause analysis and trend reporting to encourage patient safety.

Self-administration ensures changes can be made instantly, giving you full control of your software

With role based configuration it’s easy to administer and manage your Radar software according to your business structure. Our intuitive easy to use administration dashboards makes it easy to make changes and amend /create system users, locations & regions, audit templates, user permissions and much more.

Store and manage documents and policies for easy access at any time.

Manage, track and share all types of documents and important policy documentation with ease, ensuring all staff have access to the correct documents & policies in any location at all times.

Review dates, dashboard alerts and version control features ensure documents are always fully managed and up to date. Document changes can be immediately disseminated with a full audit trail of acknowledgements to evidence readership.

Fully integrated service action plans ensure non conformities are identified, managed and tracked.

Easily review action plans at a local or organisational level to spot trends, best practice and learnings; leading to preventative action planning and ongoing service improvements.

Clever linking of action plan items with our audit and incident functionality allow multiple actions to be linked, closing the loop between non-conformities and required improvements and avoiding repetition of workloads and unnecessary duplication.

Offering a completely automated approach to managing compliance and audit related activity.

Easily manage and measure your business performance across both internal and regulatory standards. Create, schedule and assign ownership of all your organisations audits and ensure they are completed on time with automatic actions to resolve non-conformities. Incorporating Radar Healthcare’s automated action plan and work flow management system will help drive your performance to the highest CQC rating.

Track and manage location-based tasks and recurring checks.

Manage any type of important business-related activity such as building and equipment inspections, fire alarm tests and other organisation protocols. All tasks can be logged with personalised context aware forms, associated evidence and documentation.

A scheduling function ensures tasks are automatically assigned for the next occurrence meaning you never miss a deadline.

Customise, manage and track your employees training, appraisals, supervisions and compliance requirements to ensure a fully competent and compliant workforce.

Business wide training and compliance management ensuring all employees are compliant and competent. From pre-employment, induction, mandatory training and personal development, Radar offers an effective way to manage all your mandatory and business specific training needs.

Supporting all types of care providers

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