Please see some commonly asked questions below:

Who owns the data?

Our customers own their data. The system architecture ensures the data is both protected and securely stored for the duration of the contract. Accessibility to all data held in the system is available at all times.

Information Governance – How safe is Radar?

Radar is hosted within a secure hosting environment accredited to ISO 27001 and IGSoc along with PSN, N3 and CES levels.

GDPR Compliance

Our data protection obligations are all outlined in our software license agreement in line with GDPR legislation.

How much is it?

Radar has a variety of pricing options to suit all organisations across healthcare. Our licence model is an annual contract licence. For a pricing illustration please contact us healthcare@radarsoftware.co.uk

Does it do care planning / rostering?

No this is not a current feature however we do have existing integrations with a number of systems through our API and integration service.

Is there a storage limit?

No. The system and associated infrastructure is configured to accommodate your immediate and future needs to ensure storage and usage does not become an issue.

How long does implementation take?

This all depends on the size of the business and level of customisations. We have a number of services and configuration packages from fully customised to ready to go from day 1.

How does implementation work?

Radar has a proven delivery methodology

Key stages are
Requirements planning
Software personalisation
Software set up
Pilot and testing

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How do users log on?

Each user receives their own unique log on credentials and can access Radar through any internet connected device using our secure network which is the same as internet banking. Some modules such as audits allows users to use smart devices and require no internet connection.

Is single sign on supported?

Radar supports active directory and SSO access to allow organisations to adopt single password and sign on protocols.

What training is offered?

Radar provides initial user, train the trainer and super user training to ensure all users are proficient in using the software.
In addition further online training sessions can be scheduled along with our online help operations for certain functions.

Does Radar integrate with other systems?

Yes we have an API and integration service which allows a wide range of integrations including HR and care management systems.

Can I self-administer the system?

Yes there is a comprehensive administration area allowing you to manage changes and updates within your business. There will always be certain features which need to be controlled at a product level.

Can I use Radar with a mobile device?

Yes Radar is fully rendered to mobile operations allowing access from mobile devices. In addition we have mobile apps to support mobile operations for certain functions such as audit functionality.

Where is the system hosted?

The system is hosted in the UK through our partner Redcentric -


Is there an on premise solution?

Yes whilst there are many benefits form having a secure cloud solution we recognise some clients prefer to host internally. Additional costs may apply to this.

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